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€4.92 (tax excl.)
Unisex Class 2 high-visibility warning vest that is designed for individuals with heights ranging from 164 to 198 cm. This vest offer ample space for large decorations on both the front and back, making them ideal for...
€4.75 (tax excl.)
S-sized high-visibility vest designed for children aged 7 to 12, suitable for those with a height ranging from 90 to 155 cm. This vest offers a generous surface area for decoration, both on the front and back. It is...
€14.25 (tax excl.)
Wheat pillow for warming or cooling, sewn into three channels for even heat distribution. Heated easily in the microwave or cooled in the freezer, it comes with a practical band that makes it easier to keep in place,...
€12.42 (tax excl.)
A first aid kit from our popular Asado-series. The fabric bag with a zipper contains everything you need in case of minor accidents such as band-aids, scissors, bandages, etc. Packed in a plastic bag.
€4.25 (tax excl.)
High visibility vest in XS size suitable for kids age 7-12 years with a height between 104-121 cm. Large decoration area on the front and on the back of the vest. On the shoulder and the bottom elastic bands there are...
€3.75 (tax excl.)
Convenient polyester pouch with keyring that holds 16 pieces of first aid supplies. Great for travelling, festival, events, and other outdoor activities, and has a large decoration area. A first aid kit is regarded as...
€10.42 (tax excl.)
For your own and other safety smoke alarms are mandatory in your home. Detector type: optical Alarm volume : > 85dB at 3 meters Suitable for rooms from 20 to 40 m2 Break time: about 9 minutes With test button and...
€2.08 (tax excl.)
This 320 g/m2 (2 layers 160g/m2) cotton community/barrier mask is made to fit every face. Wearing this mask avoids hand touching your mouth and nose. It also reduces the spread of saliva while talking, sneezing or...
€5.58 (tax excl.)
This comfortable XD DESIGN face mask is made for every face. Lightweight three-layer design; The polyester front layer is treated with ViralOff®, a technology that provides a second line of defence against harmful...
€5.08 (tax excl.)
Pouch with one front pocket, one black zipped main compartment and belt loop on reverse side of pouch. Content: triangle bandage, PBT bandage, alcohol pad, plasters, scissors, pin and tape, conform EN 13485:2003.
€3.58 (tax excl.)
Small CPR face shield for mouth to mouth resuscitation in webbing style pouch with velcro closure and steel keyring. Conform EN 13485:2003.
€14.25 (tax excl.)
24 pcs zipper pouch, including bandage, medical gloves, pair of scissors and tape in nylon pouch, contents are flat packed so complete set fits mailbox, 200g. Conform EN 13485:2003.

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